Head Wrap Pt. 1

Wearing nothing but my head wrap ad my hard on, let me pose for you!

Number of pictures: 10

Red Briefs

Nothing says man whore better than tight red briefs and a hard dick!

Number of pictures: 11

Photo Shoot Stroke

Imagine you’re a photographer. You book your first gig with a major modeling company. You walk on set, camera in hand, ready to work. It’s your lucky day. Standing before you is King Noire in a black robe. You try to stay professional as you lift the camera, ready for the first shot. The black robe slides off and his skin glistens under the bright set lights. He has something more in store for you; licking his hand and stroking as if to simulate fucking your wetness.

Number of pictures: 9

Naked On A Rooftop In Brooklyn

As soon as the sun hit my skin on that rooftop and the camera went on I got hard. Watch me.

Number of pictures: 8