Kinky Cuisine

Inspired by his love for cooking and an insatiable appetite for ecstasy, King Noire invites Leah Michelle & Jet Setting Jasmine for an evening of Kinky Cuisine. Jasmine describes the recipe below as keeping her “eyes closed and mouth open”; both of King’s guests add to the meal by opening their legs for dessert to be devoured as compliments to the chef! Tonight’s Dinner Menu: Shrimp Scampi w/Garlic Spinach, Purple Yams and Mango.

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Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine, King Noire


The Poly Proxy V: A Day Off

The Poly Proxy V: A Day Off King Noire works his push up sets on the floor as Xerlina Devine is leaving to work her convention when she realizes the perfect gift to give him on his day off; Reina Ryder. On her way out she texts Reina to come and cum with her man same as they did as a threesome a few weeks prior. She leaves the door unlocked and Reina is there in a flash. King is pleasantly surprised but definitely ready. He starts by kissing her deeply on her lips while removing her panties to make sure her makes out with both pair. His licks pussy top to bottom and everywhere in between. She glazes his lips with her cum complimenting him on how well he tastes her. Legs up behind hr head she gives him full access to finish his workout out inside if her. A squat, a side plank and push-ups all while he dances his hips rhythmically pushing on her g and a spots sends her into a convulsive climax. She gets on top to get a workout in of her own living up to her name riding King’s huge dick as he edges his orgasm. When he lets go he cums hard all over her tight ass, what a day off!

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Featuring: Reina Ryder, King Noire


Club Cuck

When Jet Setting Jasmine sets a date, she expects her suitor to be on time and looking sharp. Tonight, however, Dillon Diaz is a no-show, leaving Jasmine alone at a nightclub, waiting in vain. King Noire owns this club and hates to see a lady frowning, so he sends Jasmine a drink to make her smile while she waits. To his surprise, King finds that Jasmine is still waiting, even after closing. As they get to know one another, it isn't long before they both forget all about the date that brought her there, until Dillon Diaz shows up looking like the idiot he is! As Dillon makes excuses and begs for forgiveness, Jasmine is angered even further. Jasmine lets him know If he truly wishes to make it up to her he will have to make amends and earn her favor. This is going to be a long night for Dillon, but for Jasmine, the party is just getting started. First, Jasmine commands Dillon to lick and grovel at her feet, then strip down for her so she can clamp his nipples. Dillon is nude, vulnerable, and whimpering in the middle of the club while Jasmine flogs and sharply crops him over and over as King Noire watches in amusement. Next, she introduces Dillon to a leather strap. Continuing the humiliation, Jasmine bends Dillon over and fucks his tight asshole and, if he couldn't be humiliated further, Jasmine invites King Noire, a true dominant, to fuck her while she penetrates this whiny cuck. King Noire fucks Jasmine from behind while she effusively describes the depth of the pleasure that King is giving her while she destroys Dillon's hole, detailing all the lewd sensations that Dillon will never experience because he couldn't even arrive on time. Since Dillon is useless as a man, Jasmine decides he is more valuable as a piece of furniture and uses him as a fuck box, making Dillon stay on all fours while she leans on him, legs wide, and King Noire takes his time deeply fucking her so that Dillon can feel every thrust he'll never make, Jasmine screams with delight and beneath her Dillon can feel every shudder, every moan and every twitch of Jasmine's hot sexy body. Jasmine straddles poor Dillon while she sucks King's cock and Dillon can feel her wet pussy on his back, a pussy that will forever be denied him. Jasmine forces Dillon to lay on his back. His punishment is over and now she simply wants him to see what he missed by showing up so late. As Jasmine positions herself, straddling Dillon's head with her knees and presenting her dripping cunt for King to enter from behind, Dillon now has the best seat in the house, treated to a close-up pounding that puts him to shame. After a long hard fucking Jasmine slaps Dillon's useless dick. Then she tells Dillon to jack off while she and King watch. The final insult comes when Jasmine licks King's cock until he cums, dropping his load right on Dillon's face. That's the last little worm that wastes her time.

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Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine, Dillon Diaz, King Noire


House Call

“House Call” “I’m not sure if he is going to show up”… With her husband out of town Cali Caliente hires King Noire for a unique Fetish Training experience. It has been her fantasy to incorporate all of her fetishes into a consensual abduction scenario. When the night arrives Cali is yet to hear from King. She hangs up her call, finishes her drink and begins to make her way inside from the pool. Just as she lowers her guard King grabs her from behind immediately sending a shockwave through her body and flooding her pussy. “Are you ready for me?” He wipers in her ear, she mumbles a reply she hope conveys the fire she has burning to be ravaged by her captor. Every spank from his hands and impact from his paddle sends waves through her body. King clips clothes pins to Cali’s inner thigh French kissing her pussy lips he pulls them off to add pain to her pleasure. Directed to her knees cuffs behind hr back the mouth that spoke words of doubt is now stuffed with King’s thick heavy dick. Her body yearning to be filled instinctually to let go as King slides his manhood inside of her. King takes his time rhythmically stroking Cali until she lets go a powerful convulsive orgasm, just the release she hoped for. Inspired by how well he fucked her mouth and pussy Cali invites King into her ass, he starts slow and spreads her tight hole with every thrust. As the passion mounts King comes to climax in tremendous proportions dropping a huge load all over Cali’s face. She thanks him and says she will make sure to recommend him and his talents. Overly satisfied she lays down still painted with his essence and a smile on her face.

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Featuring: Cali Caliente, King Noire


Rimming Rendezvous Sex Tape

King Noire connects with Jessica Starling for an oral masterpiece and deep orgasmic fucking. King warms Jessica up with his mouth making her cum on his tongue before she returns the pleasure by sucking his dick and sloppily eating his ass on the desk. They move to the bed where deep strokes bring them both to climax and King cums deep inside. As it drips out he licks it up and snowballs it into Jessica's mouth for an extra nasty exclamation point for their Rimming Rendezvous!

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Featuring: Jessica Starling, King Noire


Poly Sutra

-So many ways to love & lust/ BDSM You Like it ruff/ Our cucks just love watching us fuck close up/ Wife covered in nut Her husband there to clean it up/ Nasty as we gotta be Breaking the monotony/ Cosplay menagerie All out debauchery/ We share so well/ Sister wives and subs/ Lifestyle & Swingers clubs/ 3sums 4sums moresums awesome/ Thirst traps & snacks got the whole room starving/ Having my cake and eating it too/ Takes on a different meaning cause you’re eating it too/ We do it all and keep it true/ What the fucks cheating gone do/?! I don’t want nobody but you/ Unless I’m being poly with you...

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Featuring: King Noire, Jet Setting Jasmine, Sarah Lace, Avery Jane, Bwana



Date Night: Sex Furniture

King Noire & Jet Setting Jasmine train Dillon Diaz and Jake Waters how to be their sex furniture and bring them closer together as a couple!

Number of pictures: 31


My Husband The Cuck

King Noire cuckolds Fluffy with his wife Karen Fisher

Number of pictures: 37


Naked On A Rooftop In Brooklyn

As soon as the sun hit my skin on that rooftop and the camera went on I got hard. Watch me.

Number of pictures: 8



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