Submissive School Teacher

NEW on KingNoireXXX “Submissive School Teacher” Krystal Davis is not your everyday school teacher. Besides teaching for 15 years and sitting on the PTA board she also has fetishes she has hidden and buried from her colleagues, friends and lovers. Krystal loves dressing up in PVC, latex and putting on her slut collar. As much as all that turns her on she has never fully immersed herself in a true Dom/sub session. After overhearing a conversation in the teachers lounge mentioning one of King Noire’s films she had to see for herself. All of the BDSM in his Fetish Training scenes appealed to her inner desire to experience it all for herself. After contacting King she set up her own training, agreeing to have it all filmed so others could watch her as she discovers her true self through kink. He starts with the rules, safety words and a reassurance that he will take care of her every need. The flogging on her back and ass feels like a massage for her soul. His hands spank, grab, choke and tease all of body both exposed and covered by the PVS dress that tightly binds her. As she is commanded to her knees Krystal opens her mouth as wide as possible to receive all of King’s thick manhood. She loves the felling go gagging on him while her body begins to bust out the PVC. He removes the strings and free’s her breath for more impact, her moans of release are also calls for more. King lays her on the sofa, spreads her legs and slowly slides inside of her dripping pussy, opening her wide to pleasure and true Domination. As they switch through positions Krystal’s levels of ecstasy rise higher and higher, she climaxes with King Sir behind her right before he cums hard and deep inside her.

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Featuring: Krystal Davis, King Noire


Poly Sutra

-So many ways to love & lust/ BDSM You Like it ruff/ Our cucks just love watching us fuck close up/ Wife covered in nut Her husband there to clean it up/ Nasty as we gotta be Breaking the monotony/ Cosplay menagerie All out debauchery/ We share so well/ Sister wives and subs/ Lifestyle & Swingers clubs/ 3sums 4sums moresums awesome/ Thirst traps & snacks got the whole room starving/ Having my cake and eating it too/ Takes on a different meaning cause you’re eating it too/ We do it all and keep it true/ What the fucks cheating gone do/?! I don’t want nobody but you/ Unless I’m being poly with you...

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Featuring: King Noire, Jet Setting Jasmine, Sarah Lace, Avery Jane, the boy


Properly Stretched Out

Sarah Lace made two New Years’s resolutions, the 1st is to work out more. The 2nd is to fuck more! When she looked online for a local trainer she found the perfect candidate for both, King Noire. She hires King with the intention of seducing him and hopefully getting the workout and stretching that she missed out on last year. She starts off not so subtle letting King know she wants to feel more than planks in her core. After agreeing to stay in her wall sit if she could taste his cock that had began bulging out of his sweatpants due to her not so subtle advances. His girth is exactly what she wanted and was ready to spread all of her lips and wrap herself tightly around it. King lifts Sarah up for a standing 69, keeps her up for deep strokes with her legs tight around his waist, back bridges while she rides him and planks while he strokes her from behind. Everything was a good stretch for the hamstrings and her pussy walls she climaxes with King deep inside her. Inspired by her session Sarah does a split on his dick and milks all of his cum both of them glistening with sweat.

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Featuring: Sarah Lace, King Noire


Orally Yours(2016 FetCon Best Full Length Feature Film)

King Noire and Jasmine are in their hotel room, sensually kissing. Jasmine has a dress and high heels on, and King has on basketball shorts. Soon, King moves down and kissing her pussy gently, teasing her. He takes out his cock and shows it to her before diving right back into her pussy. King brings her to orgasm and she throws her head back, bracing herself for another round… He teases her pussy for a bit and brings her to orgasm. He now has cum on his chin hair. The two climb into 69 position where she sucks his large cock and he continues to eat her pussy. It is now Jasmine’s turn to pleasure King. She licks his shaft and balls, teasing him. Now it is time to fuck. Jasmine is sitting on a table while King shoves his cock in and pleasures her. This does not last long before King is fucking Jasmine from behind, him holding her ponytail. He cums inside of her and it runs out of her pussy as he continues to fuck her. She cleans up the cum and finishes him off by giving him a blow job…

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Featuring: Jet Setting Jasmine


Succulent Nourishment(Man vs. Mango)

While on a mission fighter pilot King Noire flies into a strange midst and crashes his plane. When he awakens he is in the wreckage of a plane not his own on an island he cannot identify. Thirsty and starving he makes his way through the jungle to the water where he stumbles upon a mysterious bundle of fruit. He grabs as much as he can carry and rests on the side of the rocks to devour every last bit of it. As he satisfies his hunger his arousal grows feeling more and more turned on with every taste of fruit and every drip of juice on his body. He rips his tank top open unzips the legs of his flight suit exposing his hard throbbing cock. Splashing him self with nectar for lubrication he begins to stroke his massive erection using the mango as if to return the satisfaction and pleasure he received from its succulent nourishment.

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Featuring: King Noire


Spreader Bar Kama Sutra

“Spreader Bar Kama Sutra” Julie Kay’s boyfriend thinks she is too timid in bed and can use some instruction. He books her a Fetish Training session with King Noire to open her up to being more sexual. King collars her and she immediately lets go and allows her body to be controlled by her desires and his willingness to satisfy them. Spankings suit her as her breathing becomes heavier with each swipe across her ass and lash of his tongue. Starting to work his way towards her inner thigh he straps her legs in with a spreader bar and cuffs both of her hands to the wall. King tastes and teases Julie with a feather flogger and metal spur juxtaposing two sensations that sends rushes of goose bumps down her legs. When he slides his long thick strength inside of her she stares into his eyes and feels that timidness give way to pleasure. Every position, movement and angle King maneuvers finds a spot her boyfriend has never touched. They ride the wave and cum hard, leaving a mess for her boyfriend to clean up when she gets home. If she lets him.

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Featuring: Julie Kayy, King Noire



Submissive School Teacher

Krystal Davis books King Noire for her 1st Fetish Training Session!

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Naked On A Rooftop In Brooklyn

As soon as the sun hit my skin on that rooftop and the camera went on I got hard. Watch me.

Number of pictures: 8


Bandannas & Bliss Photo Set

Jessa Jordan and King Noire both have thrill seeking personalities and love having sex in public spaces. That fetish for exhibitionism has led them to a high rise condo with a wall of floor to ceiling windows in New Jersey owned reality show star I am Jonathan. It all starts with a sexy photo shoot captured by Rochelle Clinton. As the tension builds for all of the onlookers the performers only get more turned on knowing that all eyes are on them both inside and outside of the condo.

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