Flogged & Fucked

2020-05-12 03:58:57

Sometimes even professionals need professionals. Nadia Jay has never been flogged and wants to step outside of her vanilla sex life. She has thought about bringing her fetishes out for years, so Lance Hart introduces her to King Noire and King in turn introduces her to the thud, sting and rhythm of both his floggers and his stroke. King explains the process to her; safety words, precautions and the science of pleasure and pain as she anticipates her Fetish Training session. The smack of the floggers make her body jump and flex as King adds lashes from his hands and tongue varying the sensations that send waves through her sculpted chocolate physique. He tells her to get on her knees, hands behind her back, “Yes King Sir” she appropriately replies. She opens her mouth and stares in his eyes as he stuffs his thick manhood as far as she can take before gags. Her tongue explores around the head and down the shaft. King bends her over the couch, she turns and breathes in as his cock spreads her pussy, he wraps both hands around her throat and thrusts in deeper. Her gasps and moans of pleasure and pain let out all the kink she has been holding back and now it's time to let go.